Effective Immediately – | as of 9/13/17 10:00am EST

Why was Support limited?

During Hurricane Irma, our South Florida support staff was been encouraged to work only as available. We expected them to prepare for the storm and to get close to family, seeking shelter or evacuating entirely. We turned their focus away from support tickets during that time. We believe that all of our beloved customers and future customers supported this decision completely.

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Chris Purser, CTO/CXO

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Was my Service effected?

No.  We had no concern about services being interrupted as a result of this event, nor did we experience any.  Our servers were not in the path of the storm at any time.  Also, we utilize world renowned hosting that thousands of other businesses rely on.  They have enterprise class backup and redundancy plans in effect at all times, not just during these types of events.

How would you have gotten support?

We have offsite support staff, out of state, and handled all support requests normally through that office, although by a smaller crew. Needs went through a triage process for urgency and were handled accordingly. We expereienced a normal load of support requests and were able to handle all of them within standard response times.

Our support channels of email and portal access were in full effect and functioning as expected.  Emails to support@digitalpowersports.com or via the support portal here: www.digitalpowersports.com/support worked normally.

While we chose to not answer support calls via the telephone, we didn’t experience any adverse effects of this decision that we are aware. We asked people calling in to leave a detailed message with the exact nature of problems and email addresses so that a ticket could be created automatically, guaranteeing ongoing support via email during this time.

How bad was it? How long did it last?

South Florida experienced a later than expected landfall on Sunday, September 10th at 4pm EST as a Category 3 Hurricane. By Monday morning, in excess of 3.3 million Florida residences were without power, many losing running water, cellular service and landline phone service as well.

With roadways damaged and dangerous conditions such as live downed power lines and building debris hindered travel and access to supplies, clean water and other essentials such as fuel for vehicles and generators.

However, our entire South Florida crew weathered Irma as hurricane veterans, surviving historic storms such as Wilma (2005) and Andrew (1992) and so we knew what we were up against and how to prepare for it. While there is little we can do to escape all effects, we feel fortunate that for this one, we dodged a bullet.

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Chris Purser, CTO/CXO